Numeracy Legends Trilogy

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《Numeracy Legends》 is a board game that inspires younger children to think mathematically in a fun way: a way without using formulas or calculations.

The full Trilogy set includes:

.《Numeracy Legends and The Rainbow Unicorn》is a resource allocation and route arrangement game. Originating from the math puzzle Seven Bridges of Königsberg, this game creates a challenge of observation and abstract thinking, where players are required to plan the most efficient route to win.

.《Numeracy Legends and The Zerda Fox》 is a memory challenge and probability evaluation game. In the game there are multiple uncertainty factors, accompanied by action and route options, building up thousands of probability combinations. Players will win through a series of memorization and decision making.

.《Numeracy Legends and The Gluttony Dragon》 is a logic thinking and group confrontation game. Players are divided into two teams, the heroes and the boss (Gluttony Dragon), equipped with weapons and armors, defeating one another through speculation of the opponents’ actions.

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